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Showroom Products Speak for Themselves via Mobile and QR Barcodes

Save your money on buying in-store kiosks and build out a mobile site instead.

First, let’s look at the trend of online research that leads to a retail sale.

This chart is for all products so if you’re selling anything that’s defined as a considered purchase the percentages are even higher.  Most studies conclude that 80% of all consumers who walk into a store or business establishment have already done research online.

Now comes the idea that consumers addicted to their smart phones will do research in the store.


Let’s add the advances in QR barcodes that could be applied to a product and act as a link to an online sell sheet for that product, including a video demonstration.  See our previous blog entry.

Wow, now your product can speak for itself as it sits on the sales floor.

Also consider, if the consumers don’t adapt to this quickly enough certainly your retail sales team could use a little help from mobile.

While we may be a few years away from this scenario, today we know that consumers are searching online before buying in a store and that’s why Google Local is the best ROI in marketing if you’re selling through a dealer.

Once you cover that base, mobile will fall into place.


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