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A Bellwether From The Printing Industry

As a company Insight Local Marketing is deeply involved in the transition of local advertising from old media to a combination of old and new media and we’re continually looking for signs of where we are in the transition and where we’re headed.  We ran across this interesting chart on a blog post on, a site that monitors the printing industry.

We’ve been watching the printing industry numbers go down for a few years but I’ve never seen a chart that indicates how that effects the percentage of employees in the printing industry versus employees on the creative side of marketing.

I think this is another sign of how advertisers are moving from what was once considered the tried and true methods, like print, to the new media that moves marketing dollars to the Internet and other digital efforts.

Printing isn’t going away, especially when you consider the World Wide Web has been growing for the past 20 years or so and printing is still a major industry.

The bad news is that the total number of employees in these two industries was almost 1.4 million in the mid-2000 and is down to 960,00 now.  Or, maybe that’s good news if we’re all more efficient.

What do you think?


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