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2012 Projections for Marketing Spending

It is definitely interesting to see what a large group of marketers are projecting for how they will invest their money in the coming year.  Here’s a report from RSW/US  that gives us an idea of how things may go in 2012.

Not very surprising that much like every other study we’ve seen, projections for traditional media are flat or down while the new media is up.

The biggest growth is predicted to come from social, mobile, email and SEO.  The biggest cuts will come in radio, TV, direct mail and print.

We have to remember that this is a percentage of budget change and not total dollars, even though print may be down as a percentage, the total dollars spent will certainly be greater than social media spending, where it is difficult to spend much money because so much is free.

The takeaway here is consistent with everything else we are seeing, the transition to new media is still a work in process.  As a marketer we have to be good at both old and new and we have to help retailers continue with the old, as they move to digital.


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