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Which is Better? … Browser or App … Browser is better for Shopping.

I hope your marketing plan is loaded with ways for you to advertise locally. You certainly have the print mediums covered and are probably dabbling in the digital. Or, like some of our clients, are really into digital. Well, here’s a reason to add mobile landing pages to the list of projects to do in 2012.

I’ve written a lot about the huge growth of smartphones and tablet computers and how they are moving consumers to use the mobile web in addition to the fixed web to do their shopping research.

How to display your message to these very interested mobile shoppers is a little more complicated. Do you build apps? Apps for every platform out there? Or, do consumers use a browser, even from their smartphone?Which is better an App or Browser for consumers shopping? Browser wins.

The results in the chart above gives us a simple plan of action. Have an e-promo page so when your company advertise one of your products in print, they also get a landing page (hosted in the system for tracking purposes) to reach both fixed and mobile shoppers. (Or, skip the print part.)

Secondly, also produce and host a brand-friendly mobile landing page, to address the large number of smartphone users who are using a browser to find out about your product.

And, finally think about an app. Apps are cool but will they really work for your product?

Steps one and two should be high on your list for 2012.

Want to learn more about how you can help grow your business with mobile landing pages? Contact Insight Local Marketing here in the Princeton NJ area.


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