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Mobile Search Means Your Business Needs a Mobile Local Landing Page

According to a report from eMarketer, marketers plan on spending more of their budgets on video and mobile in the coming year.

Almost half (49%) of US marketers surveyed by ValueClick planned to boost video ad spending, and 65% noted increases to their mobile budgets for 2012. These two channels also saw the smallest number of marketers who said they planned to decrease spending: 3% for mobile and 2% for video.

They further report on how mobile budgets will be allocated in the coming years.

The takeaway is that there are going to be more dollars allocated to mobile and the biggest share of those dollars will go to mobile search.  Makes a lot of sense based on how consumers are using their smart phones in the shopping process.

The  real challenge for a marketer is in having a mobile friendly local landing page for all of the consumers who are in the mood to buy and need to be convinced to come into your dealer’s store.

It’s not good enough anymore to direct consumers to your brand site and hope it appears ok on their phone. Give them what they want in a mobile format and give it to them fast or else they’ll move on to the next listing.

Your company website should have mobile landing pages.  Your mobile landing pages should present your brand in a mobile friendly format and allow your customers to understand your unique local sales proposition.

The technology is here, it’s time to take advantage of it.

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