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Don’t Wait, Come and Get It.

Consumers shop much differently today than they did even three years ago and here is a chart that demonstrates the changing use of mobile phones in the shopping process.

Some brands are paying attention to this change in behavior and are offering a mobile friendly brand site and  mobile apps to enhance the shopping process for consumers.  Where almost all brands fail however,  is in helping their independent retailers address the mobile shopper.

It’s easy and inexpensive to solve this problem.  Have Insight Local Marketing build a customizable mobile microsite and customize the site for your market and add promotions.  Host the site at Insight Local Marketing and have us optimize it for search.  We will track everything that happens and report it back to the you in a dashboard.  And, improve the site constantly based on this feedback.

Call us today at 609-200-1390 to find out how you can reach more customers with mobile marketing.

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