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Integration of Big Data is a Big … What?

As businesses move more and more to digital channels for advertising and marketing, the more data we have and the more we see how important it is to integrate, in near real-time with all the important data being collected across the enterprise.

This chart comes from an article on and quite nicely matches the issues we wrestle with on a daily basis.


The big takeaway is that a majority of companies are struggling with sharing data in near real-time across the enterprise, so don’t feel so bad.

The article further goes on to say that it’s worth the effort to solve the problem,

Without the ability to integrate Big Data collection and usage processes, companies are certain to fall short in delivering a truly personalized customer experience integrated across ad formats and channels. Such a mandate is of significant importance as consumers increasingly interact with brands across multiple channels and screens. Those who succeed first in using Big Data will have an edge over brands and marketers who are unable to tie information to action.

One major point that isn’t made in this article and one that many marketers forget is to integrate more with their local dealers.  We’re very capable of doing that today and it helps brands get closer to consumers who are closest to their best retailers.

Because Insight Local Marketing builds and hosts our customers customized landing pages, e-promo pages, email efforts and microsites on their behalf, we are able to track local consumers’ interactions with our customers in real time, and respond accordingly.  It doesn’t get much better than that as we combine the brand story with the local message to bring customers into the store.

We agree, it’s a big deal.

If you want to learn more contact us here at Insight Local Marketing.

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