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Newspaper Ad Revenue Continues to Decline

Newspaper Ad Revenue Continues To Decline


It seems to be a never ending story, the decline of ad revenue for newspapers.  Here’s the latest from the Newspaper Association of America.

You can read more at but this pretty much sums it up,

Print revenues have now halved (in absolute dollars) since 2006, according to NAA figures. After a period of mild growth from 2003-2005, expenditures hit their peak at $47.41 billion, before beginning their precipitous fall. After dropping 9.4% in 2007, they stood at $42.21 billion. The next 2 years saw declines of 17.7% and 28.6%, followed by an 8.2% decrease in 2010 and a 9.2% drop in 2011, to $20.69 billion.

Unfortunately as the print revenue declines the online ad revenue increase isn’t coming close to making up the difference.  They further report that for every dollar of ad revenue gained on the digital side newspapers lose $7 of print ad revenue.


The only good news here is that even with the declines there is still a lot of revenue coming into newspapers.  The question is why are retailers running newspaper print ads. Is it money well spent?  Or, are old habits hard to break?

Newspaper Ad Revenue Continues To Decline

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