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The Shift to Digital Marketing … Is Your Business Keeping Up?

The Shift To Digital Marketing

The shift in ad spending from traditional advertising to digital marketing / advertising continues to grow according to data from a May 2012 survey of senior-level marketers and agency principals by business development company RSW/US .

The Shift to Digital Marketing

According to a blog on

Overall, digital is commanding an ever-growing piece of the marketing pie—44% of respondents spent at least half of their total marketing budget on digital and social media in 2012. That was an increase from 31% in 2009.

The point to be made here is that if you’re in charge of local advertising for your brand and responsible for the most effective use of co-op dollars you should be seeing your dealers spending 50% of their dollars (and yours) on digital, too.

Unfortunately, most brands when it comes to local marketing are still encouraging retailers to use traditional media, based on the tools they provide to dealers and the way the co-op rules are written.

The senior-level marketers in this survey didn’t move their dollars to digital because they thought it was cool, they moved because that’s where the consumers are learning about their brand.

Local should do the same.

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The Shift To Digital Marketing

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