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What is an Incredibly Better Way to Advertise Locally?

Advertise By Zip Code With Google Adwords

Reading all of the dismal ad sales numbers for newspapers, watching as print sales numbers tumble and now even television ad revenue is being challenged by viewers going online, we need to continually rethink the way we advertise locally.

Google local adword campaigns have always made sense because your ad dollars are directed to consumers searching for your product category in markets where you have an office or a local sales representative who can close the sale. No waste.

Advertise by Zip Code with Google Adwords

Several months ago Google announced  in a  blog entry that they now target Adword buys by zip codes.

You can take advantage of  this functionality by using our Google AdWords management service to automatically target your Adword campaign to only appear in the zip codes where it makes sense for you to market your business and sell your products and services.

At Insight Local Marketing our templated system for building landing pages allows you to include your  local business information and promotions to brand friendly images and descriptions.  We host the landing page, so you’re in position to track everything that happens with each campaign.  This also means that your message is brand compliant without having to be constantly checking landing pages or websites.

This is truly a cheaper, better and faster way to automate your local adverting efforts within the boundaries that make sense for you and your business.

Advertise By Zip Code With Google Adwords

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