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SMBs Are Spending More on Mobile

SMBs Are Spending More On Mobile

According to this study, SMBs will be paying more attention to and spending more money on mobile advertising in the coming year

SMBs Are Spending More on Mobile

While 27% isn’t a huge percentage nor do I believe that the dollars moving to mobile are substantial it is at least the beginning of what should be a significant trend over time, simply because mobile makes sense for local companies looking for local customers.

This is from the article on

Those that planned to bump their spending on mobile media within the year were not shy about pouring dollars into the effort. In fact, 42% of those planning a budget hike foresaw an increase of 11% to 20%. One-fifth of those increasing their mobile budgets expected them to climb by 21% to 30%, and one in 10 expected spending to spike by more than 50%. This willingness to spend indicates that mobile budgets are still playing catch-up with the lightning-fast adoption of smartphones by consumers.

Mobile advertising, especially mobile search, is a natural fit for retail advertising as an ad can be shown only to consumers who are looking for products a local dealer carries and are physically close.  The challenge is that most of your dealers still don’t know the value of mobile ads nor how to create, host, buy and track mobile ads and mobile landing pages.

That’s where a good online ad building system comes in, one that can make it easy for dealers to take advantage of the value of mobile by helping them create a mobile ad and landing page from your brand approved content and customized with their local story.

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SMBs Are Spending More On Mobile

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