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The Closer a Customer Is To Your Location The More They Look

Here’s an interesting report that should be of great importance to local retailers, yet they probably will never run across it.  It’s from anarticle on

The Closer Users Are To A Business, The More Likely They Are To Click Through A Mobile Banner Ad For That Business



It all makes perfect sense:

Brand managers in charge of local marketing and co-op funds should be spreading the word about studies like this and, more importantly, be providing the tools their retailers need to build, place, host and track mobile ads.

It’s not just that retailers don’t see studies like this but they are also too busy to understand what to do.  That’s where a great brand with a great ad builder comes in to take advantage of new media.

Mobile is where buyer and seller meet on purpose and that’s a wonderful place for local advertisers to spend their ad money.

We can make that happen.

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