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Ad Dollars Continue to Move to Digital: See Proof

Ad Dollars Continue to Move to Digital: See Proof

There have been so many studies supporting the idea that brands are recognizing the change in consumer behavior and are reacting by moving ad dollars from traditional media to digital.

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While this study from doesn’t break down national advertising vs. local advertising, the logic should be the same. If consumers are relying more on the internet to get product information, then local advertisers should be spending more dollars on the internet at the expense of less effective traditional advertising like printed newspapers.

The challenge for local retailers is that they don’t have the expertise they need to take advantage of the internet and there is no one from the internet who will walk into their store and help them move online.

A successful local company needs to create great landing pages, host those pages, and  track the results. Contact Insight Local Marketing to find out how to shift your companies marketing online and Get More Customers.

Ad Dollars Continue to Move to Digital: See Proof


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