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Trends in Local Ad and Promotion Spending for Small Businesses

Trends in Local Ad and Promotion Spending

Local advertising is changing in many ways and Borrell Associates has been tracking the way local retailers are spending their local advertising dollars and the move to spending on local promotions is very clear from this chart.

7.13 OwnedMedia


You can download this chart here and from the Executive Summary you’ll read where Borrell Associates feels that owned media is a big deal for local retailers as it’s an inexpensive way to advertise their promotions. From the summary:

Because owned media is free of publication costs, this dramatic chart is understated as the dollars shown in 2007 include media costs while as we move into 2013 publication cost diminish. Today dealers post their promotions online using their own site, Facebook and other free online outlets.

This is a good trend for brands as marketing assets go further and reach more people for less money. However, to make this work the digital ads created for your business need to be in the right format and then you need to host the landing pages so you can stay in complete control of the messaging and track the results.

We can show you how.

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Trends in Local Ad and Promotion Spending


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