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Local Business Marketing Directors – Here is your biggest challenge today

The largest obstacle for those responsible for marketing organizations today is addressing the consumer transformation from traditional to online. That’s not just me saying that, a recent CMO survey by Accenture reported that.  They surveyed over 400 senior marketing officers in 10 countries and found that 7 in 10 CMOs expect the marketing function to change fundamentally in the next 5 years. 8.13 Marketing Challenge

The biggest performance gap CMO’s report is their “digital orientation”…the work across the organization to infuse a digital focus that produces relevant, seamless and consistent customer experiences.

Is it any surprise that this is the case?  Marketing is undergoing one of the most dramatic changes in history.

One key to this challenge is a solid online marketing program.  Make sure your business has top creatives across all digital media.  Make it easy to make the right decision.  Make social content easy to share.    Make it easy to add  local value and personalization.

This will help business owners and marketing managers close the digital gap with one of their most important audiences.

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