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Integration of Big Data is a Big … What?

As businesses move more and more to digital channels for advertising and marketing, the more data we have and the more we see how important it is to integrate, in near real-time with all the important data being collected across the enterprise. This chart comes from an article on and quite nicely matches the issues we wrestle with on a daily ...


Mobile Search Statistics From AT&T: 43% Of Local Mobile Searchers "Come Through The Door" In some of the most persuasive and conclusive statistics found to date, AT&T Interactive and Nielsen have released statistics  from a March 2011 study that illustrate the unique behavior that mobile searchers exhibit when it comes to their real life shopping patterns. The statistics help ...


According to a report from eMarketer, marketers plan on spending more of their budgets on video and mobile in the coming year. Almost half (49%) of US marketers surveyed by ValueClick planned to boost video ad spending, and 65% noted increases to their mobile budgets for 2012. These two channels also saw the smallest number of marketers who said they planned ...


How is your AdWords Campaign Doing? Are you getting the leads you want? If not take the Conversion Health Check below. If your score is 17 or below ... Give us a call at 609-200-1390. We can get you more customers for your business. PPC Advertising works but it needs to be done right. Want to Print this out? ...


Recently there is a lot of talk around what is going to become known as the decade of lost newspaper revenue.  Here is a good chart in that it separates the print from the online revenue. The highlighted boxes show the big picture.  Total revenue has fallen 50% since 2003. If you ...


Here is another in an extended list of recent research that is showing how smartphone users are changing the way consumers shop while they are in a store.  This one is from JWire. This chart highlights the next challenge retailers are facing because of the power of  the Internet.  It used to be retailers worried about consumers buying online and never ...


Is Pinterest worth your time? Can it help your business?

Everybody wants to know what the next big thing online is going to be.  Not so much so they can invest in the company but rather so they can look good.  So, while most of our customers have already heard about, I just want to go on record to say that this could really be something of value, some ...

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