People 55+ Now Choose Online Over Printed Newspapers for News There isn’t much good news for printed newspapers when it comes to their remaining relevant to today’s consumers.  The last hope seemed be that older people (55-plus) were still loyal to print and that fact has kept a lot of advertisers spending money in print. A recent study now may be breaking down that last bit of good news for printed newspapers.


Customers, Patients, Clients Are Researching Your Business Online Here is another report that confirms that consumers go online to learn about companies they are planning to do business with This chart comes from an article on 56% of Americans agree that now more than ever, they’re pro-actively trying to learn more about the companies they hear about or do business with, according to [pdf] results from latest Harris Poll Reputation Quotient (RQ) study. ...


Ad Dollars Continue to Move to Digital: See Proof There have been so many studies supporting the idea that brands are recognizing the change in consumer behavior and are reacting by moving ad dollars from traditional media to digital. While this study from doesn't break down national advertising vs. local advertising, the logic should be the same. If consumers are relying more on the internet to get product information, then local advertisers should be ...


Printed Newspaper Ads vs. Google AdWords Newspaper ad sales continue to fall as Google ad sales continue to climb. The chart shown here is from a post on Reflections of a Newsosaur and clearly makes the case that ad dollars are going digital at the expense of printed newspaper ads. This still understates the move from print to digital because so much of digital advertising is done via free or owned media which are free of media costs and therefore not ...


Save Money by Going Digital Locally

Most of the articles we read about how brands are moving advertising dollars from traditional to digital media explain the move as a reaction to consumer behavior. It just makes sense to follow consumers online. Now we’re starting to see more articles that mention that the lower cost of digital advertising is a big influence, too.   This chart is from an article on and documents what percentage of company revenue is being ...


Here’s an interesting report that should be of great importance to local retailers, yet they probably will never run across it.  It’s from anarticle on The Closer Users Are To A Business, The More Likely They Are To Click Through A Mobile Banner Ad For That Business   It all makes perfect sense: Making ads more valuable and effective: Advertisers pay a premium for location-enabled ad impressions. Data from several mobile ad networks and ad exchanges ...


In 2013 Local Digital Advertising predicted to grow 31% Lots of studies predicting where local digital advertising is heading in the near future and none better that what Borrell and Associates is predicting. This chart is from an article on where they also report these findings: According to a report from Borrell Associates, “2013 Local Advertising Outlook: Get Ready for the Rebound,” US local digital advertising will reach $24.5 billion in 2013, to take a 25% share of total local ad budgets. That’s an ...


SMBs use of Social Media is on the Rise

SMBs use of Social Media is on the Rise Here’s a recent report from that paints a good picture of where small businesses are today with their usage of social media and how according to Facebook the trend is up. From the article, Small businesses are behind in their adoption of social media, finds Hiscox in survey results released in December 2012. ...


Remember Email Marketing? Don't Forget It. We spend a lot of time researching the many ways that local retail advertising is changing from traditional media to digital.  A great example of how retailers are moving to digital is in the growth of email over the last several years, including a 19% growth this past year. Number of promotional emails sent monthly by top online retailers to each of their ...


The Internet And Email ... Beaten By Direct Mail? We spend a lot of time on this site tracking the changes happening in local marketing which mostly revolves around documenting how consumers have moved to new media.  Every once in awhile we find something that runs contrary to what other studies are indicating.  Here is one such study that claims consumers prefer direct mail over the internet and email when it comes to receiving information about a brand.

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