Use QR Codes In Your Local Print Advertising There are lots of reasons to connect your local print advertising to local digital landing pages.   The biggest reason is that consumers want more information than what a newspaper ad or direct mail piece can give them and they are already inclined to go online for more information, so it makes sense to make it easy by adding a url or QR code to the print material you are already using.


Local Advertising On Google When we think about local advertising Google search has a lot going for it.   It’s cheaper than newspaper advertising, has better targeting than direct mail and it’s faster to implement, track and adjust than a radio spot.  Now we learn that the cost per click, year over year is going down, not up.  What’s not to like?   Here’s a quote from an article on Google Inc.’s ...


Advertise By Zip Code With Google Adwords Reading all of the dismal ad sales numbers for newspapers, watching as print sales numbers tumble and now even television ad revenue is being challenged by viewers going online, we need to continually rethink the way we advertise locally. Google local adword campaigns have always made sense because your ad dollars are directed to consumers searching for your product category in markets where you have an office or a local sales representative who can close ...


Pinterest Vs. Facebook For Local Brand Building Most business owners are interested in social marketing even though the actual value of social is still difficult to document.   One of the missing metrics is how many social site visitors head for a local retailer to buy the product they saw on a social site.  Well, here is a study that starts to track social to local retail.


The Shift To Digital Marketing The shift in ad spending from traditional advertising to digital marketing / advertising continues to grow according to data from a May 2012 survey of senior-level marketers and agency principals by business development company RSW/US . According to a blog on Overall, digital is commanding an ever-growing piece of the marketing pie—44% of respondents spent at least half of their total marketing budget ...


Newspaper Ad Revenue Continues To Decline   It seems to be a never ending story, the decline of ad revenue for newspapers.  Here’s the latest from the Newspaper Association of America. You can read more at but this pretty much sums it up, Print revenues have now halved (in absolute dollars) since 2006, according to NAA figures. After a period of mild growth from 2003-2005, expenditures hit their peak at $47.41 billion, before beginning their precipitous fall. After dropping 9.4% in 2007, they stood ...


What Is Happening With TV Ad Viewership? This chart is from Citi and it’s referenced in a very interesting article on Business Insider.  Here is what Henry Blodget writes based on his own experience: In our household, as in many households, television consumption has changed massively over the past decade, especially over the past 5 years. We almost never watch television shows when they are broadcast anymore  (with ...


How can you market your company with Facebook Mobile?

There are some exciting opportunities for local companies and marketers that want to target mobile consumers on Facebook, the company revealed in an exclusive interview with Mobile Marketer. Facebook has mobile applications for all of the top smartphone operating systems and has a mobile Web site as well. The company claims that approximately 200 million consumers access Facebook from their mobile device daily. This is an obvious and huge opportunity for marketers. But it has been unclear as to what Facebook offers ...


Don’t Wait, Come and Get It.

Consumers shop much differently today than they did even three years ago and here is a chart that demonstrates the changing use of mobile phones in the shopping process. Some brands are paying attention to this change in behavior and are offering a mobile friendly brand site and  mobile apps to enhance the shopping process for consumers.  Where almost all brands fail however,  is in helping their independent retailers address the mobile shopper.


There's been quite a bit written lately about the move of advertising dollars to digital and the effect it is having on the industry.  The Society of Digital Agencies recently released a new study that documents this move.   This shows an increase (red plus blue bars) in paid digital media and earned/owned media at the expense of paid traditional media.  The most interesting message comes when they also report, Monies continue to shift ...

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