What happened to the Yellow Pages earlier this year?

In April of this year there was an earthquake in the yellow pages industry.  This seems like old news as we've been talking about the dramatic decline in printed yellow page usage and the surge in online local search, but the fact that these two events occured in April 2011 is striking. April came in with a bang with the news that TMP Directional Marketing was closing up shop.  This was a big deal and sudden by their own admission.  See the news ...


Save your money on buying in-store kiosks and build out a mobile site instead. First, let's look at the trend of online research that leads to a retail sale. This chart is for all products so if you're selling anything that's defined as a considered purchase the percentages are even higher.  Most studies conclude that 80% of all consumers who walk into a store or business establishment have already done research online. Now comes the idea that consumers addicted to their smart phones ...


Is online marketing entering into prime time?

Here is a slide from Mary Meeker's presentation in New York City at the CM Summit   What it demonstrates is the disconnect between where people are spending their time and where advertisers are spending their money.  Or, more specifically, the Internet isn't getting its fair share of advertising dollars and perhaps its best days are still ahead of it.  In fact, she headlines this section of her presentation as, "Online Advertising - May Be Entering Golden Age, Finally." Google has been documenting ...

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