Local / Mobile Marketing

Local marketing and promotion is vital to the success of your business.

All smart business owners know this, however with traditional small business advertising & marketing methods massively declining in effectiveness what is taking its place?


The Fusion of Local & Mobile Marketing has, it is here and it is powerful.


  • Local web and mobile advertising is now mandatory and is becoming the primary method for effective, cost conscious small business marketing.

The 5 Mile Rule

Do you know that 80% of a local businesses revenue comes from people who live or work five miles from your location?


Take a look at what that means when it comes to local marketing.

The very definition of local advertising is changing as consumers quickly move from reading a printed newspaper every day to getting their news and product information online.  So, it’s not good enough anymore to just provide customizable newspaper ads and television spots.  Now you also have to have great web site content,  Facebook friendly content, e-mail campaigns, Google landing pages, mobile sites and display ads to name just a few of the new ways consumers interact with your brand today.

That’s why we specialize in local online marketing.  It’s our passion to be a part of the way local advertising is changing and to make sure our platform meets the ever changing needs of you and your business.


All Other Local Ad Solutions are Declining Rapidly.

(although they still have a part in an overall marketing plan)

Traditional advertising mediums are loosing their effectiveness.
Phone Directory Where is yours?
Newspapers Declining Rapidly
Telemarketing Do Not Call List
Direct Mail 1%-2% Yield
Print Ads Rising Costs
Email Spam Software


Why small business local marketing is now on the web…

  • Narrowcasting – Narrowcasting involves aiming media messages at specific segments of the public defined by values, preferences, or demographic attributes. Also called niche marketing or target marketing.
  • Local is now online – Google Places,Yahoo Local, ( Google, Yahoo, & Bing Maps)
  • Social Media – Facebook places, Foursquare, Yelp, Local Directories

Why almost everybody is wrong about local …

  • Local is not sitting at home on your computer looking for things via your web browser
  • Local is not getting search engine rankings
  • Local has everything to do with the fundamental shift in the way people are communicating

Local Needs Mobile to Really Rock! Think about what consumers take with them.

Do you feel naked without your mobile phone?

Most people do … and now you are beginning to see how important it is to reach your customers via mobile … its where they are … wherever they are. Right!

Here is some of what we do for our customers to increase their local visibility, drive customer acquisition, and increase revenue.

Having a Google+Local Page is now vital to your business! We set up and optimize Google+Local Pages for our customers.

  • Place search results will begin appearing automatically on Google when they predict you’re looking for local information. In addition, you;’ll find a new link for “Places” in the left -hand panel of the search results page so you can switch to these results whenever you want.
  • These Google+Local Pages are enhanced listings
  • They include more information than typical organic results
  • They can have pictures
  • They show reviews
  • They are linked to directions and maps
  • In many cases, they are above organic rankings

Contact us now to learn more about how we can Optimize your business on Google Places …

Maps Drive Sales! and we make sure our customers are Maps enabled and optimized.

  • 20 % of searches on Google are related to location
  • Maps are the new “Yellow Pages”
  • Maps are Mobile
  • We enable and enhance your businesses Google Maps, Yahoo Maps and Bing Maps listing. When a search is done an your business comes up on the maps its visibility is enhanced driving further customer traffic

By Mobile Enabling our clients businesses, we vault our clients to the top in online exposure. We do this by:

  • By creating and optimizing Mobile Pages, or creating full mobile web sites
  • Creating Mobile Coupon marketing systems
  • Enabling (Click to Call) functionality so that customers and potential customers can easily touch a link on their mobile phone and your business phone rings with new business
  • Implementing SMS marketing campaigns. Currently there is a 95% open rate for SMS or “text” messages. There is no better way to talk to your customers immediately
  • Create specific Mobile Landing Pages to drive sales and conversions
  • Implement Mobile Traffic Generation campaigns
  • QR Code campaigns and optimization
  • Mobile Ad Campaigns including: Simple Apps development, Mobile Banners, Text Ads, Click to Call, Call to VM, SMS Opt-in, Geo Targeting
  • Get your businesses Phone Ringing
  • Get new and return customers coming into your business
  • Building an SMS list to continue to market to your customers
  • Building an email list to continue to market to your customers
  • Make your customers happy
Online Reviews and Reputation Management

This is the online area where most businesses fail and an area in which we love to help our clients.

Of course a businesses reputation is crucial, and this reputation is demonstrated online through customer reviews. However there are major problems with online reviews and reputation management.

  • They are hard to manage without a system in place
  • Happy customers are less likely to review (although with new smart phone apps, surely easier) Angry ones will surely tell everyone
  • Business owners and customers need assistance with this process.

We have a propriety system that we implement with our clients that trains and incentivizes customers to write reviews. We also help train a businesses employees, that work directly with customers, to incentivize customers to write reviews.

The power of many online positive reviews toward building a stellar corporate reputation, is undeniable.

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